Hello everybody..! Recently, for the first time ever, I participated in a slam poetry competition in an inter-collegiate fest. To be honest, this is the first time ever I attempted to write poetry in the slam form. The topic was ‘Stereotype’. I fear  I fear the looks when I say I don’t want to be … More Stereotypes..!

Here’s to..!

Hello everybody..! This post is kind of inspired by La La Land. Here’s to the fools who dream. Here’s to those who have their heads in the skies. Here’s to those who don’t care to look down from the precipice of their thoughts. Here’s to those who still don’t know what they’re doing with their … More Here’s to..!

Is This Me.!?

Hello everybody..! As always, I sincerely apologise for being absent on my blog for about a month now. Here’s a poem I wrote for the poetry competition in my college. IS THIS ME.!? I’m an introvert An introvert with friends My mind always strives to divert From reality, to the solace fiction lends Is this … More Is This Me.!?


Hello everybody. Wondering what the title means? In my mother tongue Kannada, Ajji means grandmother. About a month ago, my grandmother passed away due to cancer.  Cancer. There was a time when I would flinch hearing this word.Not anymore. My grandmother’s suffering due to this disease has heightened my threshold to be surprised or frightened. … More Ajji 


Hello everybody..! Here’s a poem I just felt like writing at about 10:55 in the night. ECHOES  All the words that I dare not spill Stack up in front of me Things I want to say But no one cares to listen to Blocking the world Barring me from everyone Creating a cell, infused with … More Echoes..!