All about me and this blog…!

Hello everybody..!

My my name is Deeksha and as you’ve probably already guessed, I’m from India. I’m an avid reader and do quite a bit of writing. Morning, afternoon, evening or night- you are bound to catch me reading. I have read books in every possible place too- crowded bus, family functions, on a mountain, in school during class(I did get punished for that!), in school during PE periods, at a party…basically everywhere I go. I read even when my friends are talking about silly things or doing dumb stuff, much to their annoyance, but they do bear with my crazy reading habit. Even I involve myself in their silly endeavours and I must admit, it is fun! I love my friends to bits!!

Soooo… You must be thinking I’m a complete bookworm.. You are right! But that’s not just it.. I also sing and play a bit of badminton. I am a photography enthusiast and also play the harmonica. Be it a school election speech or a report any activity conducted in school- I will have to write it!

The main purpose of this blog is to encourage more people to read, get inspired by the content posted here and to bring all bookworms under one roof. Being a bookworm is quite tough.. You are expected to socialise with people, termed as ‘not cool’ and considered a nerd. But, we must all rise above those misconceptions.. Who says reading is boring and ‘not cool’?!

Expect to see poems, articles and write ups posted here.. Have fun.. This is my first blog so i am still sort of getting hang of things.. Say it loud, say it proud- I’m a bookworm!!




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