First poem written

Hello everybody..!

This is the first poem that I ever wrote.. I was probably in 5th grade at the time.. So obviously, it is silly..! Hope you like it.. IF you like it, be sure to like and comment..!


If the world was upside down,

All our smiles would be frowns

If books were to be bread,

There would be many loaves to be read

If chairs were to be small,

We would certainly have a great fall

If our bodies were to be green,

We would surely look like a bean

If we never went to school,

Wouldn’t it be so cool?!

But, giving it a second thought,

Would it make us all fools?

If you have any other ‘If’s’ , tell me in the comments.. Looking forward to your comments..!


Deeksha 🙂 😀


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