Tanya and Ryan <3

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Born to Be With You.”

The best-est friend I have ever had in my whole life is Tanya (name changed due to certain reasons!). I met her when I was about 8 years old. Instantly, there was a connection between us.. No questions asked, no hesitations.. We just began to hang out together. Over the years, we have done many funny things and have had the best memories ever. She is my BFF. She is forever smiling (laughing, I must say). She is that kind of person whose laugh is funnier than the joke itself! A silly joke cracked between us, we can laugh about it at any point of time. She has an uncanny knack of being able to laugh during the most serious of situations.. She has been with me through happy times and hard times. She hails from a joint family (I took 2 years to get all her relations right) and she is great with people-kids especially. She is bold and fearless-to do all sorts of crazy things. She has sung songs to our teachers too! “A best friend never lets you do stupid things…… Alone”. This statement puts our friendship in a nutshell. She is a throwball player, plays the harmonica and is a great dancer. She can get really emotional at times, but doesn’t resort to drama in any situation. For example, while watching a movie, if a character dies, she is immediately in tears.. I will have to console her in order to get on with the movie! She is rarely angry. She is undoubtedly the selfie queen as she  is ready to take a selfie anywhere- be it middle of the road or sitting on a ledge, inches away from a great fall… She has a younger sister, who is a mini version of herself. She is a great foodie. She keeps eating all the time, but she just doesn’t grow fat. She is sweet, cheerful, kind and is loved by ALL 🙂 . She has been my support and inspiration regarding many things and is a very important part of my life. We’ve had our conflicts and differences at times, but have risen above all that and are the BEST of friends..

She has an unbiological brother-Ryan, who is my closest boy best friend! He is quite the opposite of Tanya.. Serious and sarcastic.. He has also influenced me a lot.. He is very caring and a great person, for those who see beyond his sarcasm and seriousness.. He has a great deal of knowledge about everything under the sun.. But he never shows it out.. He has given me great advice when I was feeling low and also has great confidence in my abilities..(something I’m always doubtful of!) He has an excellent sense of humour and we are never bored when he is around. He is short-tempered but we can deal with it! He is a BIG foodie and he  eats a lot too. He is the first person to come up with something to tease people with. He is a guitar and harmonica player. He plays good cricket.

Together, they have played an important part in my life and have played a part in shaping me as a person.. I might not mean the same thing to them, but still..! I might not say this to them everyday, but it sure would be difficult to live without you..!


Deek : ) 😀


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