Friends- My actual friends! <3

Hello everybody..!

This post is about my friends, who are all specimens.. Hope you enjoy!

Well.. You know about Tanya and Ryan from the previous post.. So, I’ll just talk about my other friends..

Nina: She is a super cool girl to be friends with.. She is sarcastically funny, and is great at making the mood cheerful. She was a great fan of 1D. She loves coke and pizza.. So much so that she can have that 3 times a day.. She has these crazy, super cool ideas which we help to put in action.. She is an AWESOME artist.. She always seems to be doing these cool, innovative things ( I must say, it offends me as I’m always doing practically nothing) She is the one who sort of inspired me to start this blog… She too has a blog on fashion.. Her dream is to start her own clothing line.. Both of us are crazy about London and plan to live there.. How will that turn out, I cannot say!

Amy: She is an amazing singer and an excellent orator. She is damn sweet and supportive. She is a master mind who can solve physics problems in a jiffy. She aims to be an astrophycisist. An ex-directioner, she is a total music freak and there isn’t a song that she doesn’t know. We were the best of friends way back during the 4th grade.. That sort of friendship doesn’t exist now, but we really do get along well and have some of the most amazing plans together.. I really admire her, and I feel we have a special sort of bond! We are somewhat like twins in our ideas and beliefs..

Ron: He is a super-sarcastic guy who comes up with the funniest of jokes.. He is always funny and care-free. But, there are times when he gets really angry and moody, but then, he always has good reason to do so.. He LOVES Greek mythology. He is an excellent cricketer. He is way too tall, wears thick rimmed glasses and has a normal hairstyle(no spikes or weird stuff) , but still, he manages to not look like a nerd (trust me..he isn’t one bit a nerd) He loves Katy Perry and Linkin Park.. He raps well. He was a part of a band, but god knows what happened to that. He is a great person to talk to. From changing his accent to imitating people, he does it all. He does everything in his power to irritate me, but still we are really good friends

Harry: He is a complete flirt, but his intentions are never bad. He always has something to talk about and never EVER shuts his mouth. He is a movie freak. He comes up with the silliest of jokes. He too is somewhat like Amy in terms of master-mindedness. I have never seen him in an angry or pensive mood. He is always ready to talk to you and is a great friend! He is really bad with spellings.. (Very very bad)

Nancy: She is an awesome artist. She has created such beautiful works of art that anyone can fall in love with her. She is a great dancer too.. She is always cheerful and an integral part of all our madness. She loves hill stations. She dreams of marrying an army man :p. She has an excellent hand-writing. Her notebooks are always on high demand for completion of notes and other stuff. She is a great person to spend time with, forgetting all your worries.

Diane: Very much like Nancy.. Great at art and dance. She is also an excellent harmonica player. She always has these cute, funny little instances which are great fun to listen to.

Sooo.. These are my friends with whom I spend most of time with.. There are many others, but not quite qualified to make it into the list.. Kidding!! They too are very important to me.. Alice, Tina, Marvin, Melissa to name a few.. It’s just that I can go on ranting for hours about all of them.. And, I’ll probably be finished off tomorrow for revealing so much about all of them. Hope you like my friends! Let me know more about your friends too!!


Deek 🙂 😀


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