Tree- a poem!

Hello everybody!!

This is a poem on a tree that I wrote.. Hope you like it!

Soaring to the skies,

Firmly I stand

Soothing many eyes,

Giving life to the land.

My branches spread out wide,

The leaves rustling in the breeze

I consider it my pride

To support the creatures of the land and the seas.

My bark is thick,

With all the hardships faced

I will shine bright like a burning wick,

With generosity my life is laced.

Firmly rooted to the ground,

Undaunted I make my day

My vision is spread all around,

Accepting everything coming my way.

Hope you liked it.!! By the way, the featured image in the picture was taken by me, near my house..!! :p


Deek 🙂 😀


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