My heart is in my village – a poem!

Hello everybody!

This is a poem that I wrote about my native village, which is the place most dear to my heart. I will be talking very much about it in my future posts.. Because that’s just how much I love it.. The featured image is an actual picture of a paddy field in my village, shot by me! Hope you like it!

Our village is the best

To which I go with full zest

Enjoying amidst nature,

With no worries about the future.

With the trees we reside,

With animals right beside.

With the birds chirping

With rivers flowing.

Mountains in the horizon,

Helping spirits enliven.

What would I do without my village

And its green foliage?

Oh! What a pity,

We live in the city

Missing the calm

Of nature’s own realm

Hope you liked it.. I will describe my village in greater detail in my next post, if possible!


Deek 🙂 😀


12 thoughts on “My heart is in my village – a poem!

  1. Deeksha doll ……… are truly gifted………..I can forsee a tomorrow when your name intermingles with some of the greats in the field of literature and poetry of our era…………don’t everys top sweety – keep at it because what you churn out is a joy to read!!!!!

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