APJ Abdul Kalam – The visionary

Hello everybody!

Currently, India is in great grief due to the death of Abdul Kalam 😦 He was a scientist of eminence and a human being par excellence. He is touted as India’s favourite President. For those of you who don’t know Abdul Kalam, he was a scientist in physics and aerospace engineering. He worked at space and defence related organisations like ISRO and DRDO. He is popularly known as the ‘Missile Man of India’. He was also the 11th president of India. He has been awarded the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian honour. He has headed numerous projects pertaining to aerospace engineering.

Abdul Kalam came from a humble background and yet, reached heights that people can’t even imagine. He rose from a newspaper delivery boy, to a scientist and then, to the President of India. Above all of this, he has made his place in the hearts of all the people, be it young or old. His wisdom is to be appreciated. His humbleness, simplicity and dynamic personality are laudable. He is a great inspiration to everyone. There are a very few people who actually practice what they preach. Abdul Kalam is one such person who always led by example. People looked up to him both as a source of inspiration and also as an epitome of values worth emulating. The fact that almost all my friends on Facebook and Whatsapp have his picture or quote as their profile picture speaks for itself.! His books ‘Wings of Fire’, ‘Ignited Minds’ and ‘India 2020’ are a storehouse of valuable life lessons. People throng in large numbers to hear his lectures. A scientist and the president, who wanted to be remembered as a ‘teacher’ breathed his last, lecturing a group of management students. What better death could this man ask for?! 

He is my role model.. As a scientist and as a person. I will strive hard, like he did to keep up the legacy of our country. May God give me the strength, will power and determination to lead the kind of life he did.The whole country is mourning the death of Abdul Kalam. He will never be forgotten. His contributions and his way of life will continue to touch the hearts of people across the world. May his soul rest in peace.. 😦


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