Reason behind the change in title and tagline!

Hello everybody!

Soo… I just changed my title and modified my tagline as a task for the Blogging 101 course! The title ‘Jot the Thought’ basically describes what happens in my brain most of the time.. I think or see something that is just wonderful, and I’m compelled to write it down somewhere.. And when I write, it is just gibberish (I have difficulty understanding what I have written!) So, I must put more thought into it and convert it into something understandable and which can be appreciated by people. This is a constant process.. I’m thinking of everything-from aliens, nature, future of human beings  to ‘Oh no! Why can’t I meet Tom Cruise?’ Apart from this, I think of my school assignments, scores of submissions, girly drama that my friends put up and a thousand other presentations of plays, speeches, seminars in school. I have to write scripts of plays, prepare slogans for a poster and also expected to organise and plan a hundred other things related to writing.. So, my brain is constantly shifting from topic to topic and I HAVE to jot the thoughts jostling about in my mind! The jotting process gives more pleasure than the editing which comes later. In the jotting stage, you are in a frenzy to get it all on paper. Your mind and hand work a thousand times faster. You get that sort of satisfying feeling when you are able to put all your thoughts into words..! Hence, the result ‘Jot the Thought’!

Ok, I’ve chattered enough..! Hope you liked the tagline and the description..!


Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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