Post for my ‘type’ of readers!

So.. My assignment for today on the Blogging101 is to post something for my ‘type’ of audience.. Hope you like this!

So, as I’ve said before, I’m interested in both photography and literature.. This post is a mix of both! Yes..! It’s an essay on a photograph..


Sooo.. My current favourite song is ‘Photograph’ by Ed Sheeran.. I listen to it like 20 times a day.. It’s just not because of the music (it’s GREAT though) There’s something about the lyrics of the song that really entices me and tugs at my heartstrings..

A photograph captures a moment that will be gone forever.. It actually ‘freezes’ time. What I love about photographs is that they can capture a thousand memories, a thousand emotions and a thousand other bunch of nice stuff that can NEVER be expressed in words or anything else. An old photograph never fails to make me nostalgic and contemplate on the people, places and moments it has captured. Just like Ed has put it in the song, 

We keep this love in a photograph

We make these memories for ourselves,

Where our eyes are never closed,

Hearts are never broken

Time forever frozen still..

A photograph helps celebrate great times, and in a way,immortalises those fleeting seconds.. The best part is that, anything can be photographed..! Be it a person, a place, an animal, a thing or an event..Even an abstract notion can be put forward through a photograph. A photograph does not have an expiry date.. It will be celebrated and loved forever and ever.. It gives immense pleasure to capture something wonderful- like a water drop just about to fall off a leaf or the first rays of the sun peeping through the clouds. These things could be expressed in a poem or a description, but a photograph gives the exact, true picture. A photograph always floods me with old memories, and awakens a kind of happy feeling. 

Hope you liked this mixture of photography put forward in a literary manner..! By the way, I was lucky enough to capture the featured image from the terrace of my house!


Deek 🙂 😀


4 thoughts on “Post for my ‘type’ of readers!

  1. Deek, loved your post.
    One of the things I want to learn after I sort out this thing of Blogging 101, and maybe after Writing 101.
    I see I chose the same theme as you for my incipient blog.Do you mind if I ask you how to put the text next to the photo and not on top? and how do we put search and archive and recent posts on the side?I can’t seem to figure it out, dumb me.I totally understand if you don’t have the time to answer.Thank you for your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Celia!
      You can customise your blog theme if you click on ‘theme’ under the Look and Feel section which appears on your stats page! Hope this helps..! I too am a novice blogger! 🙂


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