Friends- Reloaded

Ok.. I have already posted a poem on my friends earlier.. This is another one that I wrote for Friendship Day this year..! Hope you like it!

The time spent hanging out

All the selfies, all the pouts

The silly weird things we talk

The scores of people we mock :p

The crazy things we do

And all the good and bad times we’ve been through

The times we made fun of each other

Are memories like none other

The times we got caught

The times we fought

The times we’ve had each other’s back

Of making situations dramatic, we have an uncanny knack

The times we’ve stood strong

I hope our friendship lasts really long

Our constant chatter,

Our playful banter

Are the things that I’ll remember forever 

You guys are really my life-savers! 🙂
By the way, everyone in the featured image are my actual best friends! ❤


Deek 🙂 😀


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