Six Word Story Challenge!

Six word story challenge is a weekly challenge hosted by the lovely  Nicola! This is in response to that challenge.. My story is..

She was trapped in the mirror maze.

In case you don’t know what a  mirror maze is, it’s a maze where all the walls are made of mirrors. Basically, wherever you look, all you see is yourself due to the multiple reflections from so many mirrors in all directions! I’ve been in a mirror maze twice, and haven’t been able to make it out even once.. I kept banging into myself into the mirrors!


Deek 🙂 😀


4 thoughts on “Six Word Story Challenge!

  1. I can remember the panic of the mirror maze as a child so I can totally relate to this story. It makes me think how this could evolve into a longer story, a thriller!

    Thank you for posting your story, did you notice that the challenge has now ended? Please come back next Saturday for the next story prompt, I would love to read what you come up with since you did such a good job with this one.

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