Word Limit

Hello everybody!

A word limit is something that haunts my dreams.. No matter what I do, I can never EVER adhere to the given word limit.. In exams, marks are deducted for exceeding the word limit, but I never seem to stick to it.. A word limit limits my thoughts and restricts the free flow of my pen. Rather than focussing on the content I write, I tend to fret on the fact that I’m perhaps writing too much.. The end result is disastrous, with all my writing floating hither-tither like dandelions, with no proper links or meaning. In an effort to condense my writing, I try to cut out parts that I find irrelevant.. More often than not, these efforts are futile. 

While writing essays and paragraphs, I hate getting straight to the point. I always prefer to give a small, slightly unrelated introduction, and later kick off with the actual topic. My conclusions are always in flowery language.. Taking all these points into consideration, I’m always about 50 words above the word limit. Sometimes, I do worry that people might not actually read what I’ve written, seeing the sheer length of it.. But, I would rather throw caution to the winds and surpass the limitations on my words and write something interesting in my lengthy inimitable style rather than stick to a word limit only to produce a boring, insipid piece of writing which doesn’t allow me to fully express myself.. Another problem of adhering to the word limit is that it gives absolutely no fillip for inclusion of a few other funny, punny, witty sentences. You just have to drone on about the given topic, not once considering if it is appealing to the reader at all. If you want to add a very powerful line, which is sure to have an impact, you will have to compromise on some other point. I hate doing this! A word limit is a teeny bit useful to prevent people from writing the same point repeatedly.

According to me, word limits are like shackles that bind a writer’s hands. It doesn’t allow the true thoughts and ideas of the writer to be conveyed. I make valiant efforts to somehow limit myself, so as to not go way over the limit (just for the fear of losing marks in the exams.. As I said before) 

Thank god, I don’t have to stick to a word limit while writing on my blog! 

Hope you liked this post.! Let me know your views on word limits in the comments below!!

Deek 🙂 😀


12 thoughts on “Word Limit

  1. I’m verbose as well, and if that’s your style, they can’t take it away! I worry too that if my blog posts are too long, people won’t read them. But actually, some of my longest posts have gotten me the best feedback or more followers. I wish you all the best and don’t worry! You control how long your stories are. If others miss out on them because they’re too lazy, that’s their loss. 🙂

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  2. Hello Deek 🙂
    I liked this post.
    What is fillip?
    I am also a novice trying to learn limiting myself to words.
    I suggest you ponder about these:
    1. Do you want to just gain a lot of marks?
    2. Do you want to become a great writer?
    3. Do you want to become a great genius?
    4. 1 and 2.
    5. 2 and 3
    6. 1 and 3
    7. All 1,2 and 3.

    It would help you gain perspective in my humble opinion. Keep scribbling.

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Fillip means an opportunity or a sort of encouragement.. The choices you put forward really made me think..! I guess 2 and 3 are important.. But, in India, scoring marks is a really big deal, you know..! Just to please the examiners, I’ll really have to cut-short my writings!
      Glad to know you liked the post!! 🙂

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  3. Interesting for me to read this, since I put a 500-word limit on all my posts! The way I see it is this: it doesn’t actually take long to get a message across. For example, in this post your main message was: word counts blow. IMO, a word count helps cut out lesser ideas, leaving only the very best! But I take pride in having a concise style, while you might not. And that’s cool! Diversity, man. Nice post (less than 500 words, too)!

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