The Unpredictable Teacher..!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Retrospectively Funny.

Hello everybody!

This is in response to the daily prompt by The Daily Post.


We were in 5th grade- Ryan and I. It was the lunch break and we were completing our Math homework. Completing homework at school wasn’t something we did everyday, but that particular day,as I would be busy in the evening, I decided to complete it at school. He just joined in. The bell rang, signalling the end of the lunch break, but we continued with our homework. The next class was Music class, and our music teacher entered. Everyone in the class stood up and wished him, resumed our seats and took out our music books. Ryan and I had just one more sum to go in order to complete the homework and we were in a frenzy to finish it off. The music teacher caught us finishing the last bit of the sum, and was furious. He came over to us, and screamed at us with such rage that for a moment, I thought his eyes would pop out with all the fury.. I could imagine the smoke coming out of his ears. Suddenly, before either Ryan or I  realised what was happening, our teacher took the Math textbook and crashed it upon our heads, one blow at a time. The blow was severe. Imagine a 300 page book put down on your head with great force, in front of the whole freaking class. I broke down.. The humiliation and the pain was too much. Our teacher did not stop at this. He took Ryan’s pencil box and flung is across. It smashed into pieces, The ink from Ryan’s pen leaving an ugly smear on the wall and the floor. His scale was in tiny shards. Our teacher asked us to stand up and get out of the class. I just stood there, numb.. Ryan had the courage to speak, and persuaded him to let us stand inside the class.. After much argument, he agreed that we could stand inside the class, in front of everyone, staring at U.S. in trepidation. I broke into bitter sobs and made no attempt to hide it. Ryan’s face and eyes were as red as a tomato, angry tears flowing down his cheeks. Our teacher didn’t spare us even after this saga. He went on to insult us in every possible manner. He spoke about how disobedient and careless we were, how God wouldn’t spare us for all the sins we had committed that day, how we would be punished, how we were ignorant of respecting elders and also flung a thousand other accusations at both of us. After this tirade, perhaps he realised he had gone overboard and decided to get on with the music class. Now, the whole class was brimming with sympathy for us. Ryan and I were completely reduced to tears.. We cried for the whole period, pausing only to look at each other’s haggard faces. Our heads were still burning with pain delivered by the mighty “book blow”. As the  period drew to an end, he asked us to come in front of the class.. I thought that he would begin his stupid lecture again.. I could sense Ryan felt the same too. Instead, he spoke about how much he loved children and how he hated hurting them. Of course, no one believed a word of what he said after all that he had done. We just apologised to him, not meaning a word of what we said. The bell rang,and this was ‘music’ to our ears. The hellish period was over.

This incident was the talk of the town for a few weeks after. We hated that teacher. Later we learnt that he was psychologically unstable and was so sensitive and ego- centric that he would blow up at the slightest hint of a problem. Thankfully, he was suspended so after.

Now, when Ryan and I think of this unfortunate episode, we laugh at our unstoppable crying and the way we had trembled with fear of that mad man. From that day on, Ryan never brought a pencil bok or a pouch to keep his stationery, just for the fear of some lunatic breaking it!


Deek 🙂 😀


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