Fall- Literary Lion!!

Hello everybody!

This is in response to the Literary Lion Challenge hosted by Laura!! I’m doing this for the first time.. So, forgive me if it’s bad!!


It was too late.. The snow had begun to fall in thick sheets. There was not the faintest glimmer of hope of surviving the wrath of Mother Nature.. The ascent of the Everest hadn’t been easy.. At each step, it came up with a new challenge.. Now, there was this monster of an avalanche advancing.. He could hear the giant balls of snow rumble down, falling down with such great force..ricocheting at every turn.. As he awaited death, a thousand thoughts raced through his mind..Perhaps he should have listened to his wife and stayed home, away from all the hardships mountain climbing presents..But his thirst for adventure was insatiable.. Perhaps he should have started a few days earlier, when the weather had been fine and fairly predictable.. Perhaps he should have agreed to have a companion while scaling the Everest.. Maybe the companion could have helped him out in this dire situation.. 
As he was pondering over these possibilities, he was thrown off his feet by a violent tremor.Next, it was the snow.. It seemed to be approaching with a certain sort of vengeance, as if it was bent upon seeing him fail.. Sealing his fate forever. When the snow finally hit him, he kept falling… Falling into a deep gorge, but the gorge seemed to have no end.. 

That was  when he realised that he had ‘fallen’ asleep..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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