Skin, Prose, Internal Rhyme..!

Hello everybody..!

I’ve had absolutely no time to do anything today.. Our school seems to think we are born to do irrelevant homework and that’s why, burden us with loads and loads of it. 

And yet, here I am, trying my hand at today’s assignment!!

Wrinkled and sagged, the skin hung about him in loose folds. It was akin to the ridges of a ridge gourd.. Deep and grotesque. He was just a shapeless mass of blood and bones, held together by the ghostly skin.. It was white in colour, a ghostly pallor. He seemed to be nearing the evening of his life, left with nothing but his skin to help him move on. He looked around warily, walked around scarily. And then.. He heard the noise.. The unmistakable, inevitable death knell.. He jumped out of his skin..

Hope you all liked it..!

Deek šŸ™‚ šŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Skin, Prose, Internal Rhyme..!

  1. I don’t know, I think there’s a gruesome kind of humor here. He hears the knell and then jumps out of his skin. The only thing that had been holding him together. What if he hadn’t jumped? He might still be with us. I think there’s discovered genius here. Thanks!

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