Map, Ode, Metaphor..!

Hello everybody!

Maps by Maroon5 is actually my favourite song! It’s nice to write an ode about my favourite song.
You’re the lighting lamp,

The guiding star,

The dispeller of confusion

Sometimes hard to read,

Sometimes hard to follow

Leading people to exciting destinations,

Or instead, spelling their doom

Sailors, merchants and travellers 

Have either succeeded or perished,

Under your guidance.

Putting the world into perspective

Conveying so much in so little

Connecting the dots between the distant,

Shrinking the world ,

Fuelling the urge to explore 

Discover the unknown 

Creating a horde of opportunities,

A lifetime of memories.

You are the map,

The indispensable part of today’s world..!

Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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