Hello everybody..!

I haven’t been able to do my blogging tasks properly, due to my ill-health and special classes at school. Moreover,I’m staying in my grandparents’ house. My ever irritating cousin and uncle do not let me do one single thing without offering their opinion- asked for or not! So, I have quite a lot of backlog of poems to write.. Let’s get going :p

Assignment of Day 6.. 
It was bleak..dreary
The facade of the house was everything but cheery

It speaked of sorrow

It foretold the grievances of morrow

Abandoned and forlorn,

A shady veil it did adorn

Bringing out the sadness amidst the happiness,

Or…..a hope of  happiness amidst all the sadness.

Perhaps it had been a happy place once

Where joy flowed in tons

But, it wasn’t like that anymore

Signs of struggle the face bore.

Hope you liked it..! I will post the assignments of the yesterday and today later on..! My irritating brother calls.. So long!!


Deek 🙂 😀


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