I’m Back..!

Hello everybody..!

After a week of roaming in North India, I’m finally back..! I returned yesterday and, what a wonderful trip it was! Reaching out to mountains is Mussorie, taking a dip in the mighty Ganga in Haridwar and exploring the forts and palaces of kings in the heat of Jaipur.. I’ve done it all! Moreover, my uncle and his family also joined us on this trip and it was great fun. 

I’m not going to be posting anything in particular today. I promise I’ll begin from Friday. I’ll finish off the remaining tasks of the Writing201 course..

Today, I would just like to tell you about my friend Nina’s new blog.. Okay, time to reveal her name.. Niharika..!! 

As I’ve told before, she is the one who sort of inspired me to start this blog. She blogs about fashion. She is an aspiring fashion designer. She has an excellent taste in clothes and can pull of any look. She is the most stylish person among all of my friends. She does her best to make all of us (me in particular) look dumb by dressing exceedingly well at all times. 

So, I request you to check out her blog Fashion, Beauty ‘N Shizz. Would mean a lot to me and of course, her.. I assure you that you will love it!!

Deek 🙂 😀


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