Limerick Challenge..!

Hello everybody..! This is my entry for the Limerick Challenge hosted by Rashmi..! The prompt was Gratitude.. Close your eyes Think of all things nice Thank the Lord above  For the good, the beauty and the love That’s gratitude – possessed only by the wise..! I’m probably breaking the rule here, but I can’t resist myself … More Limerick Challenge..!


Hello everybody..! Haven’t all of us experienced that sort of relief sweeping over us? That feeling when your heartbeat decides to come back to a steady rate, or when your brain finally stops working in over drive mode? This feeling of relief is so pleasant and calming. You forget to worry about stuff and for … More Relief..!

Friday Flash..!

Hello everybody..! The theme for this week’s Friday Flash is ‘Plains of India’..! Bad photography, as these were shot from the car. Hope you liked the pictures..!   Cheers, Deek 🙂 😀

Busy Bee..! 

Hello everybody..! I’m seriously considering the idea of changing my blog’s name to ‘Hello, I’m always busy’. Everything appears to be like a whirlwind these days. I’m pulled in a hundred directions each day which leaves me completely exhausted. It might sound like I’m exaggerating, but trust me, I’m not. Here are a few reasons … More Busy Bee..! 

Limerick challenge..

Hello everybody.. This is my take on the prompt ‘Pride’ given by Rashmi for the Limerick Challenge.. They talk of nothing but the cars they ride Or the stack of gold by their side Adulation, they crave They are money’s slave Is this pomp, or pride..? Hope you liked it.. Yours always, Deek  P.S : There is … More Limerick challenge..


Hello everybody.. I don’t quite get why people have to be so violent and sadistic. Seriously.. Come to think of it, not one good thing comes out of these attacks. Blinded by their own selfish, extremist views, they are out to incite global terrorism, all the while not realising that it isn’t going to benefit … More Paris…