Literary Lion..!

Hello everybody..!

I said I’m super-busy in my previous post, but here I am, posting twice on the same day.. That’s me for you! But, the Literary Lion post by Laura was just too inviting to resist! The theme is ‘Ice’.


The heat was too oppressive for anyone to bear. There were beads of perspiration streaming down Clint’s face. But still, he didn’t seem to fuss about it much as everything in his life was going just right. As he sat on the lush green grass, staring at the azure skies, admiring the dainty daisies as they bobbed their pretty heads in the heat and heard the little stream running swiftly, he contemplated on the good things in life. He had to admit, he felt like a poet from the 18th century, doing such refreshing things. The heat was growing by the minute, but it couldn’t take away the pleasure Clint was experiencing. It was out of this realm. Just then, he heard the familiar honk of the ice-cream van. An ice- cream on this glorious day would be perfect! He went over, and got his favourite ice-cream.. Chocolate embedded with nuts. He took a lick 😉 and the chilling effect it had on him was surreal. He could feel each part of his insides cool down. The ice-cream was delicious. Ice seemed to reach his brain too! He was certain he felt his head cool down! Without the heat, life was even more enjoyable. To his surprise, there was a cool breeze in the air..! He felt his face chill, as the sweat disappeared. He dipped his legs in the stream, and felt it’s coolness caress his feet. He wafted off into a dreamy state of mind. He was in a state where nothing mattered, except the cool. He was cool, he was chilling. Clint realised that THIS was life..! Pure bliss and nothing else… 🙂
Ok.. I know.. Weird take on the prompt.. I’m talking about summer when winter isn’t too far..!! I don’t know.. I just felt like doing everything that Clint did in the story :p.. Hope you liked it..!! I had great fun writing this. By the way, Clint is my favourite Christian name..!


Deek 🙂 😀


4 thoughts on “Literary Lion..!

  1. Well I’m glad my post was too inviting for you and it inspired some creativity! It was interesting to read this whilst I’m shivering from the cold myself, it brought something else to the piece… maybe because I’m longing for some sunshine, but your description of the ice cream made me shiver!

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    1. Actually, in Bangalore, where I live, it’s been raining since the past two weeks. The water is chilling and don’t even ask about the marble floors..!! We’re longing for sunshine too..!! By the way, glad to know my story presented some sort of hope of a sunny place..!! The ice cream had to be there if I had any plans of sticking to the prompt..! :p

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