An Open Letter To Writers And Poets Of Yore..!

Hello everybody..!

This is the first time I’m writing this sort of thing.. Hope you like it..!

Hola there..!
Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and cheer.. Congratulations on succeeding in entertaining us all with your enchanting and wondrous writing skills..Now, to the point..

The world is dragging on a cheerless existence, only brightened up by your great pieces of written work. Yes, it’s true..! You bunch of authors and poets are revered even today..! It’s frightening to think how boring our English classes would be, without your plays, books and poems  to enrapture us. You may not be amidst us today for real. But, a part of you still lives on in your work, which we pore over, in search of something to satiate our intellect and rejuvenate our souls. Your unconventional style of writing, your supreme command over the language, your memorable characters and above all your individuality, originality and your ideas are simply amazing..!

Lines from your works are quoted in everyday speech.. Your timeless plays are staged even today.. Your poems never fail to enchant us. You have given us a better quality of life, thanks to something you wrote a very very long time ago.. One spark of inspiration, one thought in your minds, one mind blowing experience you had, one person you loved, one interesting person you met… We’re so glad you chronicled it..! We bask in the beauty of this play of words and can never have enough of it! I know, some of you didn’t live long enough to see your work enthrall people.. Don’t worry..! You’re awesome! We here still love you.. ❤

Sitting in English class, all I can think of is- Dear God, these people are too good for words..! As my teacher reads out Mark Antony’s lines from Julius Caesar, or narrates the horrifying experiences from the ‘Rime Of The Ancient Mariner’, I feel my hair stand on end, the goosebumps rise, the adrenaline pump through my body, my heart pounding against my chest. My mind is perplexed by the beauty of the language.. So clever, so straightforward.. Conveying a thousand emotions in a single line..! By the way, my English teacher conveys her love to you all too..! It is very, very evident in her passion for the language..!!

While I look up to you guys for inspiration when I sit down to write something, I seldom have the heart to write anything.. You are so darn good that all the inspiration-hunting succeeds only in lowering my self-esteem even more..! How on earth can you write so well..! Seriously, your talent is too good for us to deal with.

Hola, Mr.Shakespeare.. Your plays… Gems dropped from heaven… EPIC..!

Shall I compare thee to a summers day..? (Not enough.. You’re way awesome than that..! )

Hello, Mr. Wordsworth.. Thank you for teaching me to love nature and to get my head out in the cool air when I’m worked up..! Oh, and your definition of poetry.. Top class..! I don’t think I’ll find a better one..

Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.

Oh yes, Mr. Kipling.. I will treat triumph and disaster, two sly imposters the same..! Your poem If.. Better than any philosophy class..!

If you can keep your head when all about you   

    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   

You’ll be a man, my son.. 

(I have changed the above lines a bit.. Hope you don’t mind, Mr. Rudyard Kipling.. Don’t worry.. I’ve posted this whole poem before..!)

Mr. Francis Bacon.. You’re essays are so informative and so much fun to read..!! Love them.. 🙂

Mr. Coleridge..! I have learnt that no creature of God is insignificant..!

He prayeth best, who loveth best

All things both great and small;

For the dear God who loveth us,

He made and loveth all.

This list is endless.. Those whom I haven’t mentioned.. You’re all a part of this list..!! 
We here, in this mortal world, truly miss you with all our hearts.. When we worry and fret about our problems, you are always there, a beacon of hope.. With loads of advice and bigger loads of uplifting words. We miss you dearly and  we’ll guard your legacy and everything you stood for, till the end of time. Many thanks for doing so much for us and captivating every one of us with the great power that your mighty pen did wield. I think it’s some sort of a wand you used, to cast an enchanting spell on all of us..! We love you and are forever in your debt..

Time to bid adieu, dear friends.. Hope this letter reassured you that you aren’t forgotten in this age that has gone berserk..! Convey my regards to everyone..! 
P.S: Excuse the bad writing and new- fangled, slang language, if you will..! Your standards are very hard to keep up to..!

Yours lovingly, dearly, affectionately, 

A little girl who wished she lived in (all) your times..!

Hope you liked this very long rambling of mine..!

Deek 🙂 😀


15 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Writers And Poets Of Yore..!

  1. So beautifully expressed. I feel the same way about all the works of those who have gone before us. I am encouraged by the fact that they became masters of their arts, they were not born masters. Years of dedication and pure love and persistence gave the world such beautiful art. Keep going my friend if you aspire to such beauty, all is possible, the cost 10,000 hour of sweat and blood!

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  2. The lot you have chosen, is pretty versatile, and a good kickstart to what I expect a series of such letters.

    I would wait for Hemingway’s conciseness, Bernard shaw’s flawless british humor, Sometset Maughm and Emily Bronte’s weirdness and Tennyson’s poetic justice, tenor and the fervour.

    Wonderful blogpost!!

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    1. Like I’ve mentioned, the list is endless..! There a thousand other great luminaries I would like to mention.. Robert Frost, HW Longfellow, PB Shelley, Joseph Conrad, Charles Dickens and many more..!! Thank you so much for your comment.. Means a lot to me 🙂


  3. So very well written! I’m sure all of them are happy t read this wonderful letter! In a way I’m glad that I didn’t live in their times because mst of them, as you have pointed out, we’re recognized or had their work published per se post humously. So I’m glad to be living in this day and age when I can read their work over and over again as many times as I please! 🙂

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