Writing 101… Magic..!

Hello everybody..!

If you’ve read any of my Busy Bee posts, you’ll know I’m someone who always frets about exams, tests and a load of other submissions.. Again, I’m boring you with the fact that my exams are coming up very shortly and all our brains have entered the over-drive mode. To save us from the treacherous claws of exams, we students desperately require some magic. So, I’m praying for magic in this poem..! (*think about Harry Potter, sigh for hours on end*) The poem is quite silly, with no real message, but it reflects the state of our minds..

Poring over books day and night

Steering through each day with all might

Memorising stuff like a computer

Until our brain is in tatters..

Studying till we drop down dead

All the while working up our head

To learn things like time equals distance by speed

Which we will never ever need..!

Submitting assignments,

Fretting over assessments

Such is the life of a student

Forever trying to be over-competent

Exams never fail to give us the shudders

Hope we pass with flying colours..!

In the exam hall, when our brain goes frantic,

We really need a bit (actually a lot) of magic

To make our grades fantastic..!

Hope you liked it..! If you’re fretting about an exam too, I feel the pain..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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