Writing 101… Sleep..!

Hello everybody..!

I just can’t express how happy I am with today’s prompt..! I’m the biggest sleepy-head you’ll find on this planet.. Meet me when I’ve not had my share of sleep, you’re sure to regret it..! Here’s an ode to sleep
What wonderful things they are,

The lulling arms of sleep

Ready to comfort you when you’ve travelled too far 

Oh, my love for you is so deep!

At the end of a tiring day

It welcomes you with open arms

Holds you in its sway

Enchanting you with a soothing charm

Never is there worry

Never is there a low

Never is there a feeling of sorry

When you are under sleep’s glow

Pops in an occasional dream

Letting you savour your desire

But, sometimes you may wake up with a scream,

Because you saw yourself getting fired..!

Floating around in a fairy world

Free of sorrow, free of the rush

The fabric of the mind truly unfurled

Painted with a magical brush

Sleep gives you a good night’s rest

After getting worked up too much

The feeling of being asleep is just the best,

There’s no other bliss as such..!

It’s a feeling like none other,

To dwell in the middle of nowhere..

But before you realize the pleasure,

It’s gone, gone into thin air..!

Hope you all liked it (and didn’t fall asleep mid-way!)

Deek 🙂 😀


13 thoughts on “Writing 101… Sleep..!

  1. I can isolate ‘para 5’ and keep looking at it, and reading it with poetic pleasure. Not only that, if I keep that para aside, poetess flow of poetry is ‘straight from heart’ and in a ‘natural flow’.

    What I mean to say is ‘para 5’ is best for me and think poetess was in a trance when she reached till this, and she created a gem of words. After that, she reverts back to her sleep encomium and analysis.

    Overall- 9.5/10 from me.

    Liked by 1 person

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