Writing 101… Beloved..!

Hello everybody..!

Excuse me for the late submission.. My pre board examinations are going on, which means study for endless hours.. Anyway, it’s nice to say that I’ve performed well in the papers.. 

Here’s ‘Beloved’
Your touch

Does make me feel comfortable

Your sweet smell

Does make me nostalgic

You are my getaway from this world

You are devoid of mundanity

You are the very epitome of bliss

You are my life line

When everything else goes wrong

Your enchanting stories

Are enough to make anyone fall in love with you..

You’re a storehouse of talent

With an imagination that’s so fertile..

Yes.. It’s about a book.. What were you thinking..!?!? 

Now comes my other love, Harmonica..! ❀

So little in size,

Yet so vast in possibilities

Captivating, mesmerising, oh! How soulful

Making life better each day

You are there for me at all times

With your music, to heal me

When I’m with you,

Nothing around matters

You are out of this world,

A gem dropped straight from heaven

A priceless gift to mankind

Possessing the power to rejuvenate

To soothe and provide bliss

So melodious, so harmonious

My dear Harmonica..!

I love you unconditionally

And will do so eternally

You walk with me, 

Like two lovers, hand in hand

You’ve given happiness a new meaning

And made my life complete..!

Hope you liked them..! 

Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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