Writing 101.. Farewell..!

Hello everybody..!

Here’s Farewell.. My English teacher, Lisa ma’am (name changed) is leaving our school.. Of course, we’re all heart-broken. She’s the best you can ever find.. This is dedicated to her..
We bid a happy farewell

We thank you, for being there 

In times when all wasn’t well

And taking such good care

We promise to live up to your standards

Striving each day to be better

Possessing the interest you’ve kindred

Always being the go-getter..!

The moments we spent with you

Are memories we’ll treasure forever

Like you, there are a very few (I actually doubt that too)

Your teachings, we shall always remember

Your excellence

Unmatched, worth emulating

Your influence,


We might be parting ways 

We might not be seeing you everyday

But, the love in our hearts shall never ever sway,

Even if it’s Doomsday..

Farewell, to the happy instances

Farewell, to a cartload of memories

Farewell, to an era of class

Farewell, to the best teacher of all times..

Hope you liked it.. Will be posting about her and other awesome teachers of our school shortly..! Lisa ma’am is really going to be missed forever.. Oodles and oodles of love for her..! ❀

Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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