Story Writing With Ron..! <3

Hello everybody..!

If you’ve read few of my older posts, you’ll know that Ron is one of my best friends..! So, we’d been on a class trip to Mysore. After singing all our favourite songs (includes most of the songs by One Direction and Maroon 5), we were bored, and we decided to write a story. It wasn’t any ordinary story. Each one of us could write only one sentence. The next sentence would be given by the other person. Get it..!? If Ron starts off the story, the second sentence was written by me. The third sentence, by Ron again and so on, in an alternate fashion. We finished the whole of this in under 10 minutes..! It was so much fun, including supernatural elements and deliberately altering the course of the story..! Ron started off, and I ended it.. Hope you like it..! Oh and by the way, the guy with the spectacles in the featured image is Ron..!
If you’re reading this, I strongly urge you to stop because it holds the darkest secret. A secret that has been passed down from the most ancient of seers. It has the power to destroy, disintegrate and cause havoc in the most strongest empires of all. Great superpowers will crumble yo their knees if they ever get to know this heavily guarded secret. This sinister secret led to a brutal war. The war began, all the targets had been locked in. The leaders of both the armies were getting increasingly annoyed with the inefficiency of the soldiers. Weapons forged from darkness itself were created. Soldiers, though doomed for having been let in on the secret, were trained hard to withstand the power of these dark weapons. Then came dragons, Giants and wizards. Aliens from Andromeda flew in and completely altered the course of the war with their advanced techniques. Then came the Gods..! Devils, furious and hot from hell intervened, determined to quench their thirst for blood. This war went on for centuries and then finally…..

Ron stepped out of his stupor and realised he was in his Social Science class..!

Hope you liked it..! Ron is such a talented writer..! Glad to have him as one of my closest friends..!! ❤

Deek 🙂 😀


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