Ryan’s Birthday..!

Hello everybody..!

Today is Ryan’s birthday..! Well, it’s night in India here.. So, tonight is Ryan’s birth-night..!! It is such an unfortunate situation that our preparatory exams start from tomorrow..! Poor thing, he did nothing but study today..! (I doubt that.. Really..) Well, he had his share of leisure yesterday, when we had been to a programme nearby..! 

Anyway, he turns sweet sixteen today. It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually talked about him on my blog.. So here goes.. Ryan is one of my best-est friends..! He is super funny, sarcastic, silly, serious, sweet, annoying, short-tempered, caring, straightforward (I’m running out of adjectives..!) and AWESOME..! I’ve known him for seven years (where did they fly away..!?). We never took time to know eachother or anything like that..! As far as I can remember, we’ve talked all the time.. From the day we met to this day. The best part about him is that you can talk to him anytime (except when he’s angry.. If you talk to him then, you’re lucky if you come out alive..) about anything. There’s no topic that he deems unworthy of discussion. He is extremely sarcastic. His words can literally hurt you. No one can win in a verbal duel with him.. In the TV show Sherlock, Watson says that Sherlock would outwit God himself in a battle of words.. Same goes for Ryan.

He plays the guitar and harmonica (very, very well, though he denies it). He hates books.. No, detests is the word.. I really don’t know why I’m still friends with him. He loves bikes.. No, is infatuated with them. But, the greatest love of his life is food.. He loves eating and is a complete foodie..! Any restaurant in the city, ask him and he will provide a full fledged review. He can eat anything, anywhere, anytime. 

He might come across as a tad bit rude and arrogant person, but once you get to know him, he is a very good person..! He has a sister- Tanya, who is another of my best-est friends..! He does everything in his power to annoy her to the point of madness, but loves her just as much..! He has super easy solutions to every problem and life is so much easier once you talk to him. Sometimes, in fits of anger, he might issue threats, but once he cools down, he realises what an idiot he was. He is super-supportive, encouraging and caring. He hates drama (major reason why he’s my friend..!). He can be trusted with any matter..! 

What else can I say..!? I’m just damn glad that I have him as my best friend..! I didn’t have much time this year to write him an emotional poem, but I do have something else in store for him.. Hope he adjusts with that..! (Like he has any other choice..! :p ). I realised I haven’t wished him yet.. Happy Birthday..!! Have a great year ahead.! Cheers to seven years of awesome friendship and hope we remain like this.. Two best friends without a care in the world.. (Problem is, we do have to care.. Preparatory exam starts tomorrow..!) 

Deek 🙂 😀 


6 thoughts on “Ryan’s Birthday..!

    1. Thanks for your comment..! Actually, there is more about Ryan..! If I start with his stories, it’ll be a pretty long blog post..! Yes, we are doing pretty well in our exams..! Just two more papers to go..By the way, following you was my pleasure..!! 🙂


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