Pointless Drama..!

Hello everybody..!

Seriously, I don’t get what’s the big deal about dramatising things. Hyping up simple, trivial matters to such a great extent that it doesn’t make sense anymore, unnecessarily complicating things are things my brain can’t quite comprehend. If there’s a problem, the right way to go about tackling it would be a quick analysis in the brain, followed by a mental note of the possible solutions.. If none seem plausible, consult a friend or some person close (and non- dramatic, of course) and talk it out.. I guarantee you.. You’ll find solace, if not a perfect solution.

Instead, what most people choose to do is repeat the problem to a thousand others, include stuff which aren’t even related to the problem, connect other trivial issues with the current one, strut around shedding crocodile tears and make poker faces. All I want to say to such people is, Move on, for God’s sake..! The world doesn’t exist to sit and wipe your tears. Each person on this planet is fighting his/ her own freaking battle. If you choose to sit and crib about your problems to every Tom, Dick and Harry, just know that every Tom, Dick and Harry will run away from you..! No matter how ‘popular’ or ‘important’ you think you are, just know that everyone isn’t on the same page. People have their own set of problems to cope with and they sure as hell don’t have time to cater to your needs. 

Why on earth do you have to hold ‘meetings’ with scores of people to arrive at a solution? You will only end up more confused than ever and also, you’ll also have scope for more drama..! Life is too short to sit and cry about everything.. You fought with your friend? Forgive, forget and move on..! Instead, what most people do is go around spreading hatred towards the friend in question, get people to turn against him/her, talk in too high-handed a fashion, quote dramatic dialogues from movies, plot something sinister, mean (and petty) against them, try to tarnish the image of the person and make a whole mess of the whole thing.. Why should one take such dramatic steps..!? The friend might be having a bad day and might have just snapped at you when he/she wasn’t in the right mind.. The worst part is when people refuse to accept apologies when someone is genuinely expressing their regret. 

Someone said something that hurt you? Try talking to that person and drive some sense into him/her. Your hair looks awful? Get a comb..! You are jealous of someone you like mingling with someone you don’t like? Try to like the person you don’t like.. Instead, don’t poison innocent people’s mind by speaking ill of the people you don’t like.. I can speak volumes about this because I assure you, my school is nothing short of a drama company. 

I’ve been the one accused of things I didn’t have the faintest idea of, rumoured to be scheming against people who are my best friends. Guess who does all this.. Yup, it’s people who pose as your friends, but decide to show their true colours when you must begin to trust them. I’ve put up with pointless drama that will last for a lifetime. I’ve tried resolving petty issues like these for eons. I’ve strived to keep myself under control and keep a cool head when everyone else is in deep turmoil. 

Maybe this post was too teenager-like. But a few instances over the past few months have been pretty much like the ones listed above and I just can’t  take it anymore. You have been given a life to enjoy.. Not to present yourself like a ‘Drama Queen’. So, wipe that disgusting look off your face and just have a glimpse at how simple life can be, if you delete the drama from your seemingly difficult, hopeless life. Learn to solve your own problems. Learn to co-exist. Learn to be natural. More importantly, learn to maintain relationships. Most importantly, learn to live..!


Deek 🙂 😀


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