A Short Story..!

Hello everybody..!

You read the title.. You know what you’re in for..!
When Emma opened the door, all she wished for was a cup of hot chocolate and a good book to read. Her day couldn’t have been worse. First off, in the morning, her attempts at cooking breakfast failed miserably, thanks to her erratic stove. So, she had to be content with a piece of buttered toast. Next, her vehicle broke down. She reached office through various modes of transport- partly by cab, partly by bus and partly by walk. Entering the office, she found out that her office had to be shifted. It was such a pain to see Emma Specter- Senior Research Associate being scraped off the glass door of her office. She set out to begin the arduous task of shifting, when Victoria came bounding up the stairs. Emma had never really liked Victoria. Snobbish and arrogant, all Victoria wished for was Emma’s downfall. According to Emma, Victoria was just a beauty with no brains. Though Victoria was her junior, she did her best to make Emma look bad. Whenever Victoria was around, a sarcastic comment was never far behind. This time was no different. “Looks like poor Emma has to shift to the lower floors! This is as good as a demotion.. What a bad feeling it must be..”, commented Victoria. Emma retorted ” Yes, it’s a pretty bad feeling. Thank goodness you don’t have to experience.. You have never even been promoted in your life..! Where’s the question of demotion?” and simply walked away with her stuff.

She finished shifting only by afternoon. Just as she was about to go out to grab a quick bite, her boss, Mr. Chris Harrison came around asking her to draft the reports of the ongoing research on quasars. Emma had always been Mr. Harrison’s favourite, and he always trusted her with the most important of tasks. Emma quickly began her work. She didn’t need much time. She had collected the data, she had headed the research team and she had drawn the conclusions. Moreover, writing came naturally to her. She finished it and went in to Mr. Harrison’s office to submit the report. As she turned to leave, Mr. Harrison said quietly- “Happy Birthday Emma!”. Emma was surprised, happy, glad, confused all at the same time. She managed to mutter a thank you before rushing out of the office. Well, one other soul apart from herself in the USA managed to remember it was her birthday..! None of her best friends from home, that is, the UK had bothered to call. It used to be much different when she lived in UK. There was hardly a soul who missed her birthday. Emma desired nothing more than to go back to UK, back to the good life she had given up to take this job in the States. All her family and friends lived there and everything was so much better in the UK.

After finishing off her work at office, she decided to eat out. Her favourite restaurant ‘Swensens’ was shut and she didn’t want to eat anywhere else. Moreover the idea of spending her birthday alone, in a place she didn’t like, in a place far away from home didn’t quite appeal to Emma. So, she returned home. As she reached her apartment, she contemplated on the worst birthday she had ever had. She opened the door. A loud cheer and a loud scream of ‘Happy Birthday Emma’ greeted her. All her friends from home had come down to visit her..! “You came all the way to visit me?” stuttered Emma, slightly overwhelmed.. “Anytime, for you” replied Elsa, her best friend. It was the best birthday ever..!
Excuse me for my feeble attempts at short-story writing. I know it wasn’t a great plot or an interesting story line.. It’s my first time and I promise to get better.. Summer isn’t far away.. I’ll have all the time in the world to experiment with my writing.. Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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