Hello everybody..!

Don’t let the title mislead you..! I’m not leaving the blogosphere.. In our school, we had the farewell function for the students of Grade 10 and Grade 12 a few days ago. Grade 10 is a very important milestone in Indian education and I am currently in Grade 10..It’s like the end of an era..! Coming to the programme, what can I say…!? It was an awesome programme, which saw a plethora of emotions pour out.. 

In the morning, we had a formal function called ‘Jyotidaan’, which loosely translates to ‘passing on of the light of knowledge’. A huge lamp was lit by all our teachers. Each of us were given a lamp and we had to light it from the flame of knowledge kindled by our teachers. This signified the passing on of the light of knowledge. This was accompanied by the chanting of Vedas, that is, ancient Hindu scriptures. These chantings stated the duties and responsibilities of a student, and what he/she should remember after graduation, throughout life. Later, we students were asked to share our experience of our journey with the school.. Amy, Ron and Ryan were few of them who spoke.. This took all of us down the memory lane and left us a tad bit teary-eyed. But, we the students of Grade 10 had solemnly sworn to not cry..! We recovered soon, but then, the teachers were asked to speak. Their speeches really touched our hearts..!

In the evening, all girls were dressed in traditional Indian attire- a sari, and all the boys were dressed smartly in suits and blazers..! Our dear friends of Grade 9 and Grade 11 had put up a grand show. A game-show was conducted by the Grade 11 students.. It was something like ‘Minute To Win It’..! It was rel,y fun rooting for people of our class as they battled it out against the students of Grade 12..! Surprisingly, Grade 10 students won most of the games..!

Next, we had a cultural programme by Grade 9. It was like a bombshell of talent dropping down on all of us..! A group of three students transported us to a different world with their beat-boxing skills..! There was a mime, which depicted the joys and woes of school-life. It had the right amount of humour, sentiment and gave out a great message. A few other dances and songs were presented too. But, the highlight of the whole programme was Sam Sir’s performance..! He had composed a song, comprising the names of all the 44 students of Grade 10..! The main theme of the song was our love for eachother. Though the song was in the Kannada language, the refrain of the song was ‘Love is in the air’. This song really did tug at our heartstrings..! The lyrics, the music, his voice, the people around… It was just perfect..! Later, we were given the chance to speak again. This time, I spoke..! It wasn’t that really emotional sort of speech, but I read out a poem that I had written for this occasion, which was emotional for certain people..! 😉 . Don’t worry.. You can judge it for yourself at the end of this post..!

Later, we had photo shoots and we rushed off to eat something as we were famished by all the excitement..!As we ate, we received our farewell gifts..! It was a file, which contained a personalised message for each of us. Mine said “We want nothing short of a novel from you..!”. We’ll have to see how that goes..! :p . Amidst all this, we took tons of selfies and cracked tons of jokes.

What hurts is that I will have to leave the school, the people and everything it has given me for the last 7 years.. What hurts more is that Tanya, my best friend, will be moving to a place far far away. What hurts most is that I had had a dream in which she had left, and Ryan and I were left devastated. Sadly, this is reality now. We never spoke about it. On the day of the farewell, we hugged. We didn’t speak, we didn’t cry, we didn’t let go. In that hug that lasted eons, I know we both experienced it all in our hearts. In that friendly embrace, I realized how accustomed I had grown to her and how hard it would be to see her leave. All the jokes, all the laughter, all the happy memories, all the bitter experiences when we stuck together no matter what the world was upto… It all just flashed across my mind. On the brighter side, she will be returning in two years..! Love you Tanya..! ❤

After the programme at school, our ‘squad’ headed to my house. We had a whole lot of fun..! You know.. Like they do in ‘Friends’..! As the day drew to an end, even though the thought of everything changing haunted me, I knew that the memories and the awesome people will always be there to comfort me..!

Here comes the poem now..!

We’ve laughed, we’ve smiled

We’ve fought, we’ve cried

Enjoyed each other’s company for so long

Forging binds that are so strong.

You’ve been my inspiration,

My constant source of motivation

Helping eachother, spending time together

How I wish we could stay like this forever..

The time spent having fun

The mischief we’ve done

The memories we’ve made

Will always be in my heart, never to fade.

We’ve reached heights, we’ve been low

We’ve never lost hope, though

Stood by eachother always, never faltering

Our love for eachother, our faith in one another- unwavering..

We might part ways,

But the love in our hearts never ever sways

I will remember to love you all the time

Because you will always be the tune to my rhyme..!

Love you all to bits…!!!!! 🙂 😀 ❤ 

Deek 🙂 😀


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