Hello everybody..!

My exams began yesterday, and they will drag on till the 26th of this month. This implies that I will have my head buried in books the whole time.. Not the books I like to read, but boring, decidedly unexciting schoolbooks.. In memory of the days where I found ample time to read the books I love, here is a piece of writing. 


You can always turn to a book when everything else is going haywire. The book never really offers any opinion about what you do. Moreover, it doesn’t possess the ghastly habit of judging people. It does justice to the title ‘passive observer’. It absorbs all your worries, shortcomings, downfalls and it never fails to comfort you. A book never really cares about your background, your gender, your race, your religion, your nationality, your financial status, your likes and dislikes, your opinions, your nature or your behaviour. All it does is provide solace from the sinister world and give you a passage to escape from everything. 

When you read a book, it erases your mind. You are not yourself, but a character in the book. You walk, talk, eat sleep, enjoy and interact with the people in the book. This is just amazing..! For once, people will not judge you unnecessarily, they will not give you mind-numbing life advice or expect anything out of you.. You can be whoever you want, and do whatever you want to do. You can fight battles with great kings, live in a forest with tribals, travel the world with an explorer, head the country with a politician, run a successful firm with a businessman, go undercover with secret agents, solve crimes with detectives, sail the seven seas with a sailor, climb the Everest with a mountaineer, go into the past or into the future, experience the true beauty of nature, fight against a villain, become a wizard…. The possibilities are endless..! The mundane world you had just escaped from seems like a thing of yore, a figment of your imagination. That feeling when you return to the real world… A hopeless feeling where you don’t know what to do, because everything you loved is in the other world. It hurts that you have to lead this cheerless life where people seem to be bent upon turning against you. A book can have an everlasting impact on your mind. It boggles your mind to think that a random combinations of 26 letters of the alphabet can create something so beautiful. Every book will linger in your mind in the days to come and all your actions and words will be directed towards manifesting the characters and situations in the book in this drab world.

Books are one of the greatest gift we have ever recieved. It will always love you more than you could ever love it. You might form opinions about the book and criticise it. But a book will never do that to you. The sole purpose of its existence is to give you company on a rainy day and be a part of your merriment on a sunny day. It is always up for a read 😉 . It welcomes you with open arms, and the goodbyes are always hard. It is almost as if the people in the book will actually miss you. When you’ve been reading a book for such a long time, it is natural that you consider your favourite character  as your family, and you expect to spend time with them everyday. If the person is about to do something you would disapprove of, you can hear the voices in your head screaming to express your dissent.The worst part of reading a book, apart from it drawing to an end, is when your favourite character dies. It is devastating. You must try hard to fight back those tears as you are faced with an existential crisis. 

A book is your most reliable best friend. You don’t have to worry as it will never disappoint you. It loves you unconditionally. The idea of a book backstabbing you, or betraying you is not palpable at all. It will stand by you through the toughest of times, encouraging you to move on, all the while fuelling your hope that better things exist. Come to think of it, a book is nothing short of a mirror. Always truthful, unbiased and perfect. But, while a mirror might highlight all your flaws, a book reminds you that it is perfectly fine for you to have them..! 

So, get up, grab a book and embark on an exciting journey where you can experience things you thought you could only dream about..! A whole new world awaits on the the first page of the book..! Trust me, you will not regret it..!

(I hope book-haters like Ryan read this and then actually read a book.. :/)

Deek 🙂 😀




4 thoughts on “Books..!

  1. So wonderfully put across mine and I’m sure many others’ love for reading and books. They teach you things you coudn’t experience yourself. They help you live in a world you could never imagine. They show you love through characters you thought you’d never meet. How lovely it would be to bring our favorite fictional characters to life! But we must lead our lives without them existing in the same realm as us. And I really feel sorry for those who do not find solace in reading books because I don’t know where I would turn to on a rainy day if not my book shelf! Beautiful post, Deeksha! :* 🙂

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    1. Even I can’t imagine a situation where I don’t have a book to turn to..! They’re just fabulous..! Sadly, our favourite characters cannot come alive.. It will always remain as wishful thinking..! Thank you so much for your comment Amrita..! So glad to have a bookworm with similar tastes as my best friend..! 🙂 😀

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