Literary Lion (Panther)..!

Hello everybody..!

This is in response to the Literary Lion Challenge hosted by the lovely Laura..!


Glimmering and shifty eyes, alert senses, smooth fur and a gait so majestic, that even the greatest of kings would be compelled to gape at the creature. A shocking shade of pink, with piercing blue coloured eyes. It roamed the forests – wary and rife with speculation. Being pink implied that it was an outcast, an unwanted foreign intruder. Well, even the panther world was racist. The past few weeks had been a desperate struggle for inclusion and acceptance. Too bad it ended with the pink panther being permanently banished.

Discriminated, disowned and shunned by its own kind, the panther was a lone wolf now. The panther had managed to survive without being spotted. The bright pink was a liability. But, it was an asset when it attracted prey. Moreover, predators were paralysed seeing the vibrant pink. The panther decided to turn pain into power and live independently.

Three cheers to pink power..!

Ok..! This story sort of addressed the issues of racial and gender discrimination.. Feeble metaphor, but I hope the idea went through..! 

I just realised that this is my 100th post..! I just can’t believe that I wrote a hundred things which I approved as readable material..!

Deek 🙂 😀


5 thoughts on “Literary Lion (Panther)..!

    1. It’s an honour for my 100th post to be for the Literary Lion..! I generally write to the point, with no hidden messages or metaphors..! Glad to know the message went through in this attempt.. Thank you so much..!

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