Limerick Challenge (Dream)..!

Hello everybody..!

This is my entry for the Limerick Challenge hosted by Rashmi..!


A dream is so pleasing

Keeps your mind wandering

A ray of light in the night

Presenting a wonderful sight

It really is a pleasant lingering..!


Ok.. Story behind this limerick.. I had a great dream one night. Next day, in the Social Studies class, I was day-dreaming. I decided to jot my thoughts about the dream that was lingering in my mind. So, I wrote this in the margin of my notebook..! As soon as I saw the prompt for this week, the first thing I did was rush to find the margin in which I had written this..!

P.S -The featured image is similar to what I saw in my dream..!

Hope you liked it..!



Deek 🙂 😀



16 thoughts on “Limerick Challenge (Dream)..!

  1. Hey deeksha, you reminded me of my childhood days when I used to scribble up in the pages…I used to pile all them in a dairy during the weekend, but for some reason I lost it….all memories gone…now with my friends inspiration I started piling them up in the blog so that I’M wouldn’t regret again….thank you…

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    1. Glad to know you will have all your wonderful writings preserved forever..! Thank you so much for your comment.. I have known the pain of losing something that was so wonderfully written..!

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