A Pointless Post..!

Hello everybody..!

Judging by the title, if you came this far, I really appreciate it. Anyway, I know it has been ages since I posted. I don’t think I have to elaborate on this as by now, you are well aware of why I’m unable to do things which I really intend to.. 

The past few weeks have been a blur. While I’m excited that I finally get to enjoy summer after performing satisfactorily in my board exams (nope.. I screwed up Math..!), I find that my life has become a whirlwind of so many things. I have so many plans, so many ideas, so many things to do that I’m unable to find a place to just start..! Well, now I have overcome this by writing this overdue blog post.

Here are things I plan to do in summer. 

1.Participate in the harmonica workshop 

2.Plan for the harmonica performance

3.Lend a tiny hand in organising everything related to harmonica

4.Improve my harmonica playing skills

5.Most probably anchor the harmonica event

6.Play the harmonica

Whew.. As you can see, harmonica is going to take up most of my time in summer..! I’m very glad I’ll be doing something worthwhile with my time and more importantly, I just love it when I’m involved in this sort of work..! I can think better and do better. 

That’s not all. In summer, I’ll be learning the art of sewing..! My teacher will be my grandmother, who is an awesome, fantastic, classic, unique tailor ever..! To be honest, there are very, very few occasions on which  I’ve actually found the necessity to go out and buy clothes for myself. It’s all stitched by my granny and my mother..! I’m really looking forward to this..!

In the interests of fulfilling my dreams of becoming a polyglot, I’ve started learning German..! It’s a nice language and it feels nice to know another language. 

My grandmother has also taught me knitting. Last summer I knit a sock..! Planning to knit another sock this summer in order to make a pair.. πŸ˜‰ :p (That’s me, for you..!)

I want to travel..! I don’t know where I will be going, but a change of air will do me a whole lot of good. I can also do some photography when I’m away..!

I plan to binge watch all my favourite shows and probably get addicted to a few others. (God help me..!)

I want to strengthen my story writing skills. That spells misery for you as you will have to deal with my silly stories.

Last but not the least, I want to enjoy every moment of this freedom ..! From June onwards, I’ll be going to college and that will be the end of my fun. 

What are your summer plans..!? Feel free to tell me in the comments..! 

Congratulations. You made it to the end of the pointless post..!

Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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