NaPoWriMo (Day-15)..!

Hello everybody..!

The week has been crazy so far. I’m extremely sorry for not posting.. Anyway, here’s me skipping to Day 15..!

 Because today marks the halfway point in our 30-day sprint, today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that incorporates the idea of doubles. You could incorporate doubling into the form, for example, by writing a poem in couplets. Or you could make doubles the theme of the poem, by writing, for example, about mirrors or twins, or simply things that come in pairs. Or you could double your doublings by incorporating things-that-come-in-twos into both your subject and form. 

Once there was a pair of socks

Who always engaged in slanderous talks
“I’m on left”

“But you are such a pest”
“I’m on right, So I’m always right”

Thus went on their fight
Then slipped in the shoes

They did their best to stop all the abuse
The shoes tried to intrude 

Yet, the threats continued
The shoes were fed up with the quarrelling sock pair

They said, “Today, we will end this spat, we swear..!”
And so the right shoe covered the right sock

And the socks were in a shock..!
Their mouths sealed

Their powers, they couldn’t wield..!
The dispute did cease

And the shoes lived on in peace..!
Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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