Photo Prompt..!

Hello everybody..!

I’m juggling between the poetry course and this writing course..! 


It was her favourite place. She could sense the goodness in the air. Her mind was always at peace when she came here. With trees that touched the sky, eye popping greenery, refreshing breeze, and footsteps that made a satisfying ‘crunch’ sound, nothing could possibly be amiss. When she entered here, it was like shutting out the world and opening a door to a different universe. A Universe where everything was just perfect. As she walked down the path, her mind dwelled upon pleasant things. She felt like a poet. “The sky is my roof, the stars are my lights and the Earth is my home”, she thought. Jeez! That was poetic. She convinced herself that this must be from some poem that she had read earlier. There was no way she could have come up with that

The wind seemed to be speaking. The trees were waving to eachother. The flowers nodded their pretty heads in agreement to what the wind was telling them. The sun was bidding farewell to his friends as he faded away. Only a few clouds were drifting about. They promised to bring all their cloud-friends and perhaps bring water too..! This thought delighted everyone. 

Such was this place. It blurred the lines between reality and fantasy. She could walk and walk and never tire. Her mind would run hither thither constantly, yet a pleasing sense of calmness always prevailed. She reached a fork in the road. One road was covered with a carpet of red flowers and the other promised an exciting trek up a small hill. Well, well..! She knew exactly how Robert Frost must have felt when he saw two roads diverging in the yellow wood..! She stood mesmerised, seeing the red floor and the winding path upwards.. Who would have thought this would be so contemplative and nerve-wracking..!? She was enticed by both. She wanted to travel both..! The red was the brightest she had ever seen. But who knew what adventures she could have on the hill!? The red cast a beautiful glow over everything. How beautiful would the world look from atop the hill!? The red road had trees bent on one side, as though they were posing for a photograph. There would be a stream running down the hill. It seemed eons before she made up her mind. But finally, she arrived at a conclusion.

She turned back and went along the same way she had travelled. 

Okay! I partly owe the plot of this story to the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. The ‘Utopia’ I’ve spoken about is based on a real place near my house where I often walk. After writing this, I realized it kind of gives out a message.Feel free to tell me your interpretations in the comments..! I’m anxious to know what you thought about it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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