Limerick Challenge (Humour)..!

Hello everybody..!

It’s been so long since I participated in the Limerick Challenge that I actually had to check twice to make sure I had got the rhyme scheme right.. This week’s theme is humour..! I’ve written a limerick about college since that is affecting my life in a great way right now. 
College really strains the mind

Presenting difficulties of all kind

Long lectures and weird people

Dirty chairs and a rickety table

Friends are indeed hard to find..!

Yes, my college has rickety tables and we have to fight to get comfortable seats. We have 83 people in our class. It is so tough to find like minded people..! I used to think college would be this carefree sort of place. Reality begs to differ..! It feels more like a jail..

Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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