Word-High July..!

Hello everybody..!

Today’s word for Word-High July is Gunita..! It means memory or a recollection. Actually, in my native language, Kannada, Gunita actually means mutiplication..!
College was weird. New people, new surroundings and a whole new culture. She craved for the company of her school friends. Even the name of the college reminded her of school. The safe, protected, cosy atmosphere of school was gone forever. Reminiscing the happy times gave her courage to move on. She saw school-life in every little thing. Three senior students who merrily enjoyed lunch in front of her class flooded her with memories of Tess and Ralph and herself having fun. They were like an inseparable trio. That was gone now. Tess was miles away in another place and Ralph was in a different college. She could see a bit of her school teachers in all the college lecturers. When the Physics lecturer said “Draw this diagram”, she could almost hear her school Physics teacher say “Write this diagram”..! That had been her punchline and she remembered how the whole class would exchange looks and playfully taunt her. She recollected the happy lunch breaks, the endless laughter, the inside-jokes, the merriest moments, the wonderful people, the humongous opportunities, the strong bonds between everyone and every single thing about school. It was all a thing of the past now. It was a memory, imprinted in her mind forever. She knew these happy memories would stand the test of time, help her forge her way through the darkness. That was the best part about memories. There was no ‘end’ to it. You could press the rewind button whenever you wanted to..! Frozen in time, where people would never change and you could slip into comfort anytime..! Retrospection could always out you in a better mood..!

Hope you liked this short narrative kind of thing..! Based on a true story. Actually it’s the story of my college life..! Struggled for the first few weeks, but I’m sort of getting the hang of it..! Not so emotional now, though I miss school a LOT..!

Deek šŸ™‚ šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Word-High July..!

  1. Oh wow! So glad to get a peak at your college life, Deek! We’ve all been through the struggles of adjusting to new environments and like you, missing people and stuff is the hardest part. BUT I’m glad you’re doing well now. I completely agree, that’s the beauty of memory… it’s boundless. ā¤

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