Word-High July..!

Hello everybody..!

Today’s word for Word-High July is ‘bughaw’, meaning blue..!

If you are ever feeling blue,

Know that someone is always with you

The blue sky and the pure blue water

 The planet Earth and the shimmering sapphire

Will colour your mood in every hue..!

Just a small Limerick..! Hope you liked it..! Blue is actually my favourite colour..! How I love that shade of Copper Sulphate blue..! I spend all the time in the Chemistry lab staring at that bottle of Copper Sulphate.. 😛

P.S, I’m having troubles with uploading the featured image.. Will do it as soon as my internet connection comes back to its senses..!

Deek 😀😃


5 thoughts on “Word-High July..!

  1. Oh wow, there are a lot of color blues that we all should be thankful of. AND since I suck at chemistry, I had to google your favorite hue… It turned out as one of my favorite hue of blue too. I better remember its name! XD Awesome limerick, Deek!

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