Word-High July..!

Hello everybody..! 

Today’s word for Word-High July is muni-muni, meaning to think deeply or ponder..!
Heights always made her feel better. It was almost like being detached from the world. Everything seemed so small and inconsequential from above. The people were smaller, the buildings were toy-like and the ground was so far, far away. But her thoughts…. They became more complex with the height. It seemed like her thoughts elevated to a more philosophical level as she climbed higher. What if the was life elsewhere in the universe, but we could never find it..? Why do people change..? What is the purpose of our existence..? What created us..? Should we really fear death..? Is God real..? Does the education system really make sense..? Why are our expectations always so high..? Is that the cause of our disappointment..?

Maybe love doesn’t hurt, but the expectations do.

Only time can heal all our wounds.

Maybe happiness has to be created

If everyone is unique, doesn’t that make us all the same?

Maybe there is nobody with us in life, except ourselves.

If you can’t enjoy solitude, are you a good company to others..?

Nothing is stronger than your mind

Who are we..?

Everything does happen for a reason

You know you can always choose to ignore what you don’t like..! Or can you..?

The people in our lives are connected to us in some way-through past lives or the cosmic plan

Silence is the best answer to everything
We must feel great at the end of each day-even if it was bad. After all we made it through with our own skill.

You can never learn to live. It’s an un-learnable art form

Where will the world go if it continues crimes at this rate?

It was such a vast multitude of thoughts and questions. So high in the mountains, yet, so deep in the ocean of thoughts. She had to gasp for air when she did reach the surface.

Kind of based on a true story..! I love heights..! Heights make me feel so much more comfortable..! And yes, I do think of some of the above listed thoughts very often..! Do you delve deep into the innards of your mind..!? Let me know in the comments below..! Hope you liked this slightly philosophical post..!

Deek 😀😃


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