Word-High July..!

Hello everybody..!

Today’s word for Word-High July is silakbo, meaning emotional outburst.

Tears flow thick and fast. Things are smashed. You hate everything. No amount of consoling succeeds in pacifying you. No matter how hard you try to keep negativity at bay, unpleasant thoughts just flood in. Impossible to have even an ounce of self control, you’re ashamed of yourself for being so weak. But sometimes, you feel you deserve to be weak. That’s the problem with being the strong one. Nobody offers you a hand. Ever. The future looks bleak as ever. Happiness seems like a thing of the distant past. Even your closest friends seem to be drifting apart. Clueless as to how to return to normal semblance of yourself, you just sit. How you long for a dreamless sleep from which there is no return. What you wouldn’t give to melt into your sheets and hope the world forgets you exist. Your agitated mind multiplies your worries manifold. As you sit there, wondering, remember that every night must see a day, every star needs darkness to shine, every low has a high and for every cry, there is a huge smile..!

Pretty depressing post..! But kind of reflects the past month of my college life. By following the last line of this post, I have really made a change in myself..! If you ever feel low, remember that there is no power in this world that is strong enough to hurt you..! Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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