Word-High July..!

Hello everybody..!

My sincere apologies for not posting in the past few days.. What can I say? College work is really taxing. Anyway, today’s word for Word-High July is takipsilim, meaning twilight or dusk.

The mountain provided a great view. Tanya had her brother Ryan and her best friend Diane as company to enjoy the glorious view. It couldn’t get better. With the day drawing its last breaths, dusk slowly advancing and the mood so peaceful, it was just perfect. The stars were beginning to crawl in, dotting the whole sky like twinkling lights. So far away.. Yet so beautiful. The conversation was enjoyable, with numerous jokes and sweet nothings. She couldn’t have asked for more. It was getting darker now. The trees cast eerie shadows and the wind seemed to gather more energy. Night began to spread her large wings and engulf the world into silence. The trio rose up to leave. But Night had something else in store for them.

No sooner had they got up, two men, dressed entirely in black, attacked them. Ryan was the first to go down. One of the men had him pinned to the ground, slashing at his face. Ryan was managing to escape the blows, but he was in deep pain. Diane was wrestling with the other man, yelling for help. While she could manage to stay away from his vicious sword, she couldn’t hold on for long. Tanya was too afraid to act, too overwhelmed by the unexpected turn of events. All she could do was sob and screech for help. “Ryan..! Diane..!” – the night rang with these plaintive cries. Diane managed to bring the man to the edge of the cliff and pushed him off with all the strength she could muster. She couldn’t bear to look down and see the man fall. Moreover, Ryan was still struggling. Diane threw the dead man’s sword to Ryan. With a deft slash, Ryan had finished the man off. 

Scarred, bloodied and shocked, Ryan and Tanya rushed to Tanya. They managed to console her and bring her back to her senses. Only Ryan and Diane knew what they had just endured. No one knew why they had been attacked. Night seemed to be playing tricks on them. Dusk was closing in on them, presenting challenges. They were in complete oblivion. Their minds were obscured, in complete gloom. The world seemed to be plagued with immorality. Their duty was to stay aware as ever. They trudged home, the sky above them dark, the way unclear. Darkness had fallen.

It’s weird to say that this is kind of based on a dream I had..! All the above listed events did happen in my dream. While it seems funny to tell people about it, it was extremely scary in the dream..! It was pretty exciting to fight, but Tanya’s screams were bone-chilling..! Ryan and I fought hard, with Tanya screaming in the background, not doing one useful thing..! Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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