Word-High July..!

Hello everybody..!

Today’s word for Word-High July is marahuyo, meaning to be enchanted.

Sara always thought magnificence was abstract. You could never really put it in a word or a picture, no matter how hard you tried. But little did she know that this notion would change forever.

Her trip to India showed her what magnificence really was. She was in awe of the vast multitude of people, the rich culture and the strong feeling of unity. Most of all, what struck her most was the way of life. Amidst the confusion, the traffic, the crowd, the chaos, the hustle bustle, the people moved on like nothing was happening around them. They had the time to make a quick purchase of fruits while waiting at a signal. They could wait for hours in traffic. People would give up their seats in a bus to an elderly person, even if it meant they had to stand in the cramped bus, with little support to hold on to. Bargaining was their natural talent. They worked hard, they worked smart. The streets were filled with life and people were always active. Be it the oppressive heat or the torrential rains, life went on smoothly.’Adjusting’ was what they did best. Indian unity was seen at its strongest during a cricket match..! People forgot about all their work and stayed glued to the television, following every ball. Cricket was the official religion of India..! Indian values were reflected in every person. They were helpful, ready to give advice on anything.Indians were perhaps the people with the highest level of tolerance. 

Apart from all this, what blew her mind away was the Taj Mahal. When she saw the Taj for the first time, she went into a trance. The majestic minarets, the blinding white sheen and the sort of dominance it exuberated was enough to mesmerise anyone. She faltered in her steps as she moved towards it, with the throng of people. As she drew closer, she could see the intricacies of the structure. The story that went with the monument was also great. To think this beautiful structure was a grave stone built by a husband for his wife..! Enchanted by its magnificence, she lapped up every story the tour guide had to narrate. Each aspect of the monument told a different story. The tour guide informed her that it took 22 years for 20,000 labourers to build this wonder. The very complexity of this boggled Sara’s mind. It was a common conception that Shah Jahan, the mastermind behind the Taj cut off the hands of the 20,000 labourers who built the Taj so that they could never recreate what they had built. The guide informed her that the authenticity of this fact was not very well established. She walked on, soaking up all its splendour. She could never get enough of the Taj. She could stare at it all day. 

On her flight back home, she felt weird when the plane took off. She had really loved India, and all that it stood for. She would miss the culture and the ever-festive atmosphere. India was indeed an incredible country. While dealing with her numerous problems, India always managed to put up a strong, happy face to the world. She finally knew two words for magnificent- The Taj, and India..!

The first time I was ever enchanted was when I saw the Taj Mahal..! I actually fell as I was too engrossed staring at the Taj that I didn’t notice where I put my foot :p Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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