Word-High July..!

Hello everybody..!

Todays word for Word-High July is kaulayaw, meaning pleasant and intimate companion. I’m not feeling really well and my mind is not able to function optimally. So I’m just going to rant in accordance to the word..!

I spent my Sunday afternoon watching ‘Sherlock’ on TV. It had been so long since I had watched any of my favourite TV shows, thanks to college. I realized how much I love the show. It makes me feel good about everything in the world. It can cheer me up on any day. The dialogues, the script, the storyline, the acting and the setting make the show very dear to my heart. The convincing acting and the great dialogue delivery blows my mind. No one can ever possibly portray Sherlock better than Benedict Cumberbatch. The man is just perfect in all aspects. I love his voice, his acting, his expressions, his cheekbones, the fact that he is British and every little thing about him..! He sure does deserve an Oscar. Martin Freeman, who plays John Watson is no less. He is also a fantastic actor and John would never be John without him..! All the other actors are tremendous..! The fact that the major part of the show is set in London makes me love the show even more..! I love London, and ‘Sherlock’ gives me a chance to explore London while being thousands of miles away..! The fact that everyone on the show speaks in a British accent fills me with immense pleasure. After watching Sherlock, I have actually learnt to become more observant and practical. The Mind Palace technique that Sherlock uses for memory actually helps me too..! I have tried my hand at deducing details about a person by looking at them, but I must say, I didn’t do very well :p I talk the way Sherlock does, and constantly make references to the show at every given opportunity. Sherlock’s sharp wit, his sarcastic dialogues, his unusual way with people, his relationship with the principal characters of the show are always fun to watch. The part when Sherlock always forgets Inspector Lestrade’s name never fails to crack me up..!

Overall, Sherlock will stand by me through thick and thin. The show can actually teach you so much about life. It is my pleasant companion. When life gives you lemons, be like Sherlock- just turn your coat collar up, lengthen your cheekbones, wear a scarf, tie your scarf in a knot, put your fingers together and dive into your mind palace..! Sherlock is simply awesome. I’m in love with Benedict Cumberbatch..! ❤

Hope you liked it..! You can actually enjoy this more if you’re a Sherlockian too..!



Deek 🙂 😀





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