Word-High July..!

Hello everybody..!

Today’s word for Word-High July is habilin, meaning anything given to someone for safekeeping.

Guard it with your life

Yes Sir..!

It’s more precious than my life..!

I understand Sir

Don’t let it out of your sight even for a moment..

Of course, Sir

If anything happens to it…

I am fully aware of the consequences, Sir

Are you confident enough to handle this precious thing?

Yes, Sir

You must be very careful

I will do my best, Sir

Be aware. You never know what might happen to it.

Yes, Sir

You are its custodian now. All responsibility rests on you.

I am aware of it, Sir

One moment of callousness will get you into trouble.

I will not let that happen, Sir

Know that I am handing this over only because you have gained my trust.

I will maintain it, Sir

Promise me that you will take good care of it. Promise me you will show it utmost love and care. Promise me you will treat it as your own.

I promise, Sir

The teacher placed his brand new harmonica in his student’s hand. The student’s eyes gleamed with delight. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She was fortunate enough to hold such a gem in her hand. She skipped away in joy, unable to contain her excitement. She couldn’t wait to play it..!


Kind of based on a true story..! Of courses, Sam Sir didn’t tell me all of the above listed things, but he did give me instructions before entrusting me with his harmonica..! Hope you liked it..! Also, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday today..! ❤



Deek 🙂 😀




4 thoughts on “Word-High July..!

    1. Yes..! I’m a proud harmonica player..! I was delighted when sir gave me his harmonica..! It’s of a different type..not the one I’m used to playing.. It’s very expensive too..! Sir had to give me a lot of guidelines before giving it to me for practice..!


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