Word-High July..!

Hello everybody..!

To compensate for the classes missed during the holiday we got due to the bus strike, our college has decided to conduct classes on Sundays. Yes.. You read it right.. SUNDAY..! This is a violation of the rules of the Universe..! I’m extremely disappointed.

Anyway, today’s word for Word-High July  is halakhak, meaning loud, uninhibited laughter.
The students of Grade 6 were taken to the powerhouse of the state government to witness the assembly in action. As the students streamed into the building, they were awestruck. Everything was so formal and official. The students dared not showcase their mischief in this sacred building. A sign in the entrance- arch proudly proclaimed-” Government work is God’s work”. Everyone entered in with a sense of humility. The students were thoroughly checked and frisked before they were let into the main hall. Even keys weren’t allowed in the hall. The students made their way into the hall, hands behind their back, mouths locked. They sat in the visitor’s balcony, just metres away from the politicians. The students were delighted when they could recognise the well-known politicians and actually see them interact. It was extremely interesting to follow their debates, discussions and arguments. The fact that the designated speaker rang a bell every time the arguments became too heated amused the students. The way their Chief Minister kept a cool head and reasoned matters out was admirable. In this solemn setting, one group of students couldn’t hold back their laughter. Maybe it was the excitement of being in such a important place, or maybe it was the speaker’s funny bell.. They kept giggling throughout. It didn’t disturb the proceedings, but it was a rather awkward situation..! They did their best to cover their mouths to hide their grins, but their eyes gave them away. Little did they know representatives from the press were also among the visitors..

Next day, the newspaper was decorated with their grinning faces, captioned- While visitors in the building are requested maintain silence, this group of schoolgirls could not hold back their giggles seeing the politician’s shenanigans..!

Ok.. This is a true story..! I was one of the laughing girls..! We were taken to the Vidhana Soudha, the political stronghold of our state, Karnataka. It is an architectural marvel and a place revered by many. The entrance does have the saying “Government work is God’s work”..! I don’t know why we laughed, but we did appear in the newspaper with that caption..!

Here’s the picture..


Hope you liked it..!


Deek 🙂 😀


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