Hello everybody..!

I’m seriously considering starting every post with “I’m so sorry I couldn’t post earlier”. Everything in my life is just such a whirling tornado where I’m being pulled in every direction. I’m trying hard to retain my sanity. 

Anyway, here’s a bunch of haikus that I just lazily wrote..! (Because my mind blanked out of ideas)

Shiny lights

On top of the hill

Guide the sailor home

Words fill the void

In my sorry soul


In the dead of the night

When the world sleeps

My mind travels galaxies

Love transcends time

Love transcends beauty

Love transcends life itself

We can’t enjoy eachother’s company 

Our eyes cannot meet everyday
Surely, our minds can

Is it too much to ask

To sleep late every night?

To wake up late everyday?

Pour out emotions?

Lean on someone for support?

I’ll let my silence speak

Sometimes my mind overthinks

Sometimes it’s a perfect blank

Both at the wrong occasions

They say it’ll get better

They tell you to not lose hope

Aren’t they just reading out clichéd quotes?

Wouldn’t it be nice

To pause time for a moment

Or to fast-forward it sometime..?

I’ve broken the rules of haikus in most of them..! Let’s just call it poetic liberty..! Hope you liked it..! Stay tuned for an indefinite amount of time to see my next blog post..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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