Hello everybody..!

I know, it’s been ages since I posted. I always thought that now that I’d finished school, I’d have some free time on my hands. Reality begs to differ. 

Anyways, I have been doing quite a few exciting things..! I participated in an inter-collegiate event in which we had to interpret the meaning of a poem in the form of a sketch. The poem given was Ozymandias, written by P.B Shelley..! My team mate and I did a great job and we won the second place..! I had studied this poem in Class 10 and so, it was a whole lot easier for us. 

But, the most exciting thing so far was our trip to Mumbai..! We, ten members of Hamsanada along with Sam Sir had been to Mumbai for a harmonica performance..! We stayed there for two days and had the time of our lives. It was a great experience to listen to harmonica players from all over the country perform. While one of our performance went a little awry because we didn’t stand close enough to the mics, we compensated for it with another good performance. Also, because we had a lot of waiting time at the airport, we gave a mini-performance before boarding our flight..! We had got printed T-shirts that said ‘Live. Love. Harmonica’, ‘I Love Harmonica’ and contained a collage of all terms related to the harmonica..! All of this was designed by Anthony, a senior member of Hamasanada..!

We made time to roam around Mumbai. Mumbai is known for street food and we, being the usual gluttons that we are, ate quite a lot..! There are simply no limits to the number of jokes that we cracked..! You could say we laughed our way all through the Mumbai trip..! Ryan was our official photographer and he did everything in his power to annoy us by clicking candids of all of us. (But I must say, his photography is just out of the world..!) Sam Sir was jovial like ever, bearing with all our silliness and goofiness..! Nerissa played the chord harmonica..! Amy was very ill and it was decided that she would stay with her relatives and not with us. But, she got better and stayed with us..! Rita is someone who apologises for everything..! Vanessa is the eldest member of the team. Anthony is a crazy, funny guy..! 

While a technical session about the harmonica was going on, instead of paying attention to what the person was saying, I buried my head in my book and wrote a poem. Many people thought I was making notes about the session and were in awe that I was so attentive..! Here’s the poem I wrote..! Actually, if I used all the real names, the verses would rhyme. But, it’s been a tradition at Jot The Thought that I never reveal names..! So, all the name have been changed..! All the characters mentioned above, and the other members of our team have been included..!
We came with zeal,

So many dreams for our soul to heal

Learning, growing,

Enjoying, rejuvenating.

I had my dear Dash,

Whose charm fell upon us in a splash

I had my dear Anthony,

Who entertained us by being funny.

Rita cheered us with her chirpy conversation,

Apologising at every junction

We had our charismatic Ryan,

Taking all our candid pics 

Victor stayed quiet most of the time,

But amidst our revelry, his conduct sure did shine.

Amy almost went away,

But stayed with us, because her spirit was too strong to sway

Sara was our lovely hostess,

Smiling more, worrying less

Nerissa enthralled everyone with the chord,

Sweet and cute, universally adored

Vanessa was very caring,

Taking care of our well being

We had our very dear Sam Sir,

All the more great, all the more classier

We had the time of our lives,

Spending time with people we love the most,

Sticking together at all times,

Be it winter, summer, monsoon or spring

I came with a barren mind,

I return with an archive of sweet memories

Musical now, musical forever,

Together now, together forever..!

Yes, the featured image includes the entire team that went to Mumbai..!


Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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