Hello everybody..! Here’s a limerick I wrote about Diwali, the Festival of Lights..! The world twinkles bright The lamps and lights make a lovely sight Celebrating the triumph of good over bad, Light over darkness, happy over sad You can’t stop being merry, try as hard as you might..! Hope you liked it..! Happy Diwali … More Celebration..!


Hello everybody..! This is in response to the daily prompt from The Daily Post..! It had been millions of years since Ritika had visited her grandmother. As she got off the bus and trudged along the uneven path, it took some time to let the surroundings sink in. It was just the dense forest around her. … More Millions..!


Hello everybody..! Today began with me cringing at the sight of the stats of my blog. It’s been ages since I posted. I wouldn’t be posting this too, as my exams are going on. But I have English today and I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I posted instead of studying..! After all, I am … More Misfit..!